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University Student Mentor Support

How can a Student Mentor help?


As your coach and mentor I will work with you to identify how your mental health and emotional well being impacts on your ability to study. Together you will work on reducing the effects and any barriers you face; to help you reach your greatest potential.

Mentoring helps with issues such as:
  • Time management and creating a healthy work-life balance

  • Problem solving and goal setting

  • Motivation and organisation

  • Strengthening resources for dealing with anxiety and stress

  • Reflecting on and understanding your emotions

  • Developing support and social networks

  • Coping with transition and change

Meet Your Mentor

I currently work as Specialist Mentor (Mental Health) and support students who have been awarded Disability Student Allowance (DSA) in universities across the UK.


I'm now delighted to also offer private mental health mentoring to students who feel they would like additional support to navigate their university journey. 

I am an experienced, kind and compassionate mentor who draws on my experience as an a registered mental health practitioner and coach. I practice solution focused and strengths based coaching and mindfulness based techniques to empower students to fulfil their true potential.

Mental health mentoring rates per hour:

  • In- person (Hebden Bridge) - £75

  • Remote Delivery ( Google Meet) - £65

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