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Confidence To Be Truly You

Discover a safe and inclusive space to nurture self-awareness, confidence, and authenticity.

Welcome to my coaching space, a place where women can find support, understanding, and guidance on their path to a fulfilled and joyful life.


Through therapeutic coaching, I aim to facilitate a transformative process that guides you towards self-discovery, emotional healing, and the realisation of your full potential.

Throughout my career, I have cultivated a compassionate and non-judgmental approach, valuing diversity and celebrating the unique experiences of each individual I work with.

Together, we will delve into your inner world, explore your strengths, and navigate challenges with resilience, leading to profound personal growth and a more fulfilled life.


Embrace your story and step into your power – I'm here to support you every step of the way.


My holistic approach to coaching empowers you to gain deep self-awareness, develop practical strategies for improved wellbeing, confidence, and embracing your authentic self.

Key Benefits:

  • Gain Self-Awareness: Together, we'll explore your thoughts, emotions, and patterns, providing you with valuable insights to create positive changes in your life.

  • Develop Ways to Improve Overall Wellbeing: My coaching approach will equip you with evidence-based techniques to manage stress, anxiety, and build resilience.

  • Improve Confidence: Unleash your inner strength and step into your power with newfound self-assurance and self-belief.

  • Learn to Be Your Authentic Self: Embrace your uniqueness and align your life with your true values, passions, and purpose.

Take the first step in your journey today. Schedule a complimentary connection call to discover the transformational power of coaching.


Before I found Rebekah I was feeling incredibly sad and stuck with a lack of clarity and direction. I spent a lot of time procrastinating and putting off decisions about my future. I was settling for a life that I had been unhappy with for a long time but I didn't have the tools or motivation to change. Fast forward just a few months and with Rebekah's support I am back in the driving seat of my life and taking steps to make big changes. I have reconnected with my true self and the future is looking much more exciting


“Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light."

Brene Brown

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