I help women struggling with anxiety to regain balance, feel energised and confident to enjoy life again

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When life gets busy, the first thing we tend to do is ditch our healthy habits and routines. We know we shouldn't, but we feel we don't have time to eat well, exercise and get enough sleep. Before you know it, you are caught in the vicious cycle of stress and burnout.

Here are some common symptoms my clients often struggle with before we work together. Any of these sound familiar?

  • Feel tired all the time

  • Experience low mood and anxiety

  • Rely on stimulants such as caffeine, sugar, refined carbs or cigarettes to get you through the day

  • Weight gain especially around your middle

  • Struggle to switch off from work

  • Feel wired but tired at night

  • Spending hours scrolling through social media

  • Trouble sleeping

  • Lack of energy or motivation to do things you used to enjoy?

If you answered YES to any of the above, my 4 step programme will help you regain balance, feel energised and confident to enjoy life again



I offer you the best of both worlds- traditionally trained mental health nurse and cutting edge functional nutritionist. 

I am a Nurse and Nutritionist  on a mission to improve women's mental health through nutrition and lifestyle medicine. I want to make the process of change simple, fun and achievable.

Whilst working as a mental health nurse in the NHS, I learned it was challenging to help my patients without addressing their diet and lifestyle. Little did I know that I would struggle with my mental health through work-related stress and burnout.

I used nutrition and lifestyle medicine to help me feel well again. I am eager to share my knowledge and use my combined expertise, to support and empower women struggling with chronic stress to feel energised and confident again.

There are more options than just medication and talking therapy. Integrating these treatments with nutrition and lifestyle medicine provides a brand new approach to improving mental health.

I will help you understand the root causes behind anxiety, and give you the tools that are right for your unique health profile.

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  1. EXPLORE - Your story and unique health profile through comprehensive assessment

  2. NOURISH - Your body, mind and soul

  3. BALANCE- Your hormones, microbiome and stress response

  4. RESTORE- Your natural rhythms



I integrate my experience of mental health nursing, psychology, nutrition and lifestyle medicine to provide a holistic approach to improve women's mental health

Online Learning


One off consultation

You may not feel ready to commit to 3 or 6 month programme right now but would like to gain a deeper understanding of why your are feeling anxious. Let me spend time finding out more about you, your health and family history. This provides time to tell your story in a safe space. Your review includes a comprehensive assessment as well as 7 day food journal analysis

You will receive an overview of the findings and recommendations for moving forward in your health journey. You will have a greater understanding of the root causes contributing to anxiety

Health Review includes:

  • Pre consultation questionnaire and food journal analysis

  • 90 minute assessment

  • 15 minute online feedback session to discuss findings and recommendations

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3 -6 month programme

You have been struggling with anxiety for a while. You may also be experiencing low energy, brain fog, digestive issues, depression and poor sleep.

Unfortunately, you have kept going, trying to spin all the plates and not prioritising your health. If you feel confused about how to get back on track my 4 step programme is just for you.  Throughout the programme I will support you every step of the way on your journey towards feeling healthier, happier and energised.

You did not get to this point overnight so it will take more than 1 consultation to have you feeling great again. I run 3-6 month one to one programmes which are tailored to your individual needs. By working together for at least 3 months you will experience not only improvements to your physical health and mood but you will have the knowledge and the skills around creating lifelong healthy habits



Discover your unique health profile

I offer functional testing from established worldwide laboratories including Genova Diagnostics, Invivo, Cyrex, Biolab, Functional DX and Regenerus Laboratories. This allows the most appropriate test to be selected.

Specific laboratory tests explore the health status of the individual by measuring the functionality of specific body systems and nutritional imbalances. Nutritional imbalances are often at the root of many mental health conditions. 

Tests are based on saliva, blood, urine and stools.

I can help you overcome the obstacles in your life through a healthier approach to food and lifestyle. Find out how!


"A fountain of knowledge, love the eclectic approach to health, fitness and diet . Always one eye on your mental well-being too which is so important. Lovely recipe recommendations, supplements that I didn’t even know existed and all backed with lots of research . She is so easy to talk too, obviously cares a lot about her clients and it shows. Has helped support me pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and now during the early days of being a new mum for the second time and breast feeding .""

Ayse, 39

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"The first wealth is health"

Ralph Waldo Emerson



Chorlton Health Hub
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Chorlton Health Hub
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