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Client Journey

I create my coaching services and packages based on feedback from my amazing clients. I love witnessing the journey my clients go on - where they were before working together and the transformations that happen through the coaching process.


Below I've shared the journey my wonderful client Hannah went on just a few months ago. I hope this helps you to get a sense of my style of coaching to see whether working with me feels like a good fit for you.

Hannah's story

"Before I found Rebekah I was feeling incredibly sad and stuck with a lack of clarity and direction. I spent a lot of time procrastinating and putting off decisions about my future. I was settling for a life that I had been unhappy with for a long time but I didn't have the tools or motivation to change. Fast forward just a few months and with Rebekah's support I am back in the driving seat of my life and taking steps to make big changes. I have reconnected with my true self and the future is looking much more exciting! "

What were you struggling with at the start of the coaching programme ?

I was feeling incredibly stuck with a lack of clarity and direction. I was spending a lot of time procrastinating in my work and putting off any decision which had the potential to affect my future. Looking back I was completely disconnected with myself and what I wanted. I was settling for a life that I had been unhappy with for a long time but I didn't have the tools or motivation to make changes.

How have things changed ?

I have had a lot of breakthroughs in terms of next steps and what I want my life to look like over the next year/five/ten years. I feel more connected to my authentic self and I am learning to make decisions from this place. I feel more productive and like I'm back in the driving seat of my life rather than watching it pass me by.

What did you find helpful about the coaching process ?

The process felt like a mirror was being held up to me allowing me to see things much more clearly. I was able to recognise patterns that were coming up and make decisions more objectively. It opened up areas of my life I didn't even realise needed addressing. It gave me a safe space to explore my feelings and think out loud knowing I wouldn't be judged. I was guided to every decision rather than feeling like I was being told what to do or led in a certain direction.

What did you find difficult about the coaching process?

As someone who finds it hard to open up and be vulnerable, I found it hard at first to dig deep into how I was really feeling and express it out loud. I had no experience of speaking to someone before which was daunting but you soon put me completely at ease.

What specific changes have you experienced because of our work together?

I am going on to continue my studies which is something I would have probably never considered before I had clarity from coaching. I am also looking at a change of location which is something that I have needed for a while but I have felt stuck. My freelance work is also growing rapidly which I'm sure is a result of a more clear and confident mindset and the actions I've been taking in this work. I feel more sure of myself and confident in every decision I am making.

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