I am passionate about empowering women to take control of their mental health through nutrition and lifestyle medicine

I've always been fascinated by psychology and how the mind works. After completing an undergraduate degree in psychology I became interested in nursing and went on to qualify as a mental health nurse, working with both children and adults in many different clinical settings.

I enjoyed working in the community because I could assess all aspects of my patient's environment. I was able to see the many different things that could be contributing to their poor mental health including poor food choices, alcohol and a lack of good sleep and exercise. It was during these visits that I realised that I couldn't fully treat someone's mental health without addressing their diet and lifestyle.

I have worked in the field of mental health within the NHS for over 14 years. I took some time out when I realised my job was having a devastating effect on my health. Enough was enough, I had to prioritise myself. The stress of large caseloads and working with such a vulnerable population took it's toll on my own mental health. Anxiety, insomnia and digestive issues compelled me to take some leave from work. It was during this time I realised I had to find a new way to help people if I wanted to stay healthy myself. 

I was able to bring my body and mind back into balance through understanding the underlying causes of my stress and anxiety. I delved deep into the world of nutrition and discovered how the food I ate could be my medicine. I began to read about the gut- brain connection -the two-way communication that occurs between the brain and the microbiome. I addressed my hormones by recognising the impact stress was having on my entire endocrine system.


One of the biggest changes I had to make was around my mindset and the unrealistic demands I'd been putting on myself for years.

I had to start my own healing journey which was exciting but also scary.  I was left  feeling vulnerable at times. The experience changed my life!


Now I use my knowledge and experience to help you feel back in control of your life again.


Helping women address the root causes of poor mental health is now my core mission. I do use functional medicine approach to get to the root cause of the problem. I assess each client's unique needs in a holistic way then provide the tools needed to help reduce stress and anxiety. 

I currently split my time between working as an NHS community psychiatric nurse and running my private clinic at Chorlton Health Hub. 

I am committed to professional development and keeping up to date on current research in Nutritional Psychiatry. I am currently completing Nutritional and Integrative Medicine for Mental Health Professionals certification. I recently completed the Applied Functional Medicine Mentoring Programme (AFMMP) to further my knowledge in functional medicine and how to apply this model to my clinical practice.


  • Registered Nutritional Therapist CNHC

  • Registered Mental Health Nurse NMC

  • BSc Hons Psychology

  • PgDip Applied Psychology (Clinical Specialism)

  • Applied Functional Medicine Mentoring Programme





Chorlton Health Hub
559 Barlow Moor Road
M21 8AN


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