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Just over 5 years ago I felt overwhelmed and overworked in a job I used to love. I was completely strung out. I tried everything to sort out my life- changing jobs, the latest diet, dry January, ending a messy relationship just to find myself back in the same situation a few weeks or months later.


I was stuck in the rut of people-pleasing and perfectionism. I was physically, mentally and emotionally drained in all areas of my life. Worst of all, every time I tried to set boundaries in my work or personal life, I was met with resistance from others—and from myself! .


I was stressed every day and often used food or alcohol to numb difficult emotions. I was a mess and I desperately wanted to know how to get to a place of peace and freedom from the chattering of my inner critic.

I was stuck in a story about myself. One that had been holding me back for years: I was unlovable, I wasn't good enough, and I was destined to be alone.

I found myself repeating patterns that didn't serve me anymore—and that is when I decided to dig deep and find out what was really going on.


I tried the therapy, self-help books, positive thinking, visiting a shaman in Bali!... but nothing seemed to help me make the sustainable change I wanted in my life.


Everything started to change when I surrendered and I embarked on my own coaching journey.  Coaching transformed my life from one filled with negativity and self-doubt into one of motivation, passion and purpose.


I experienced such a shift with coaching I became obsessed with learning everything there was to know about coaching and personal development. This led me to train as an ICF- certified coach and also undertake further integrative coach training as in the founder cohort at Unveil Academy.

With a background in psychology and healthcare, I offer evidence-based tools to help you look beneath the surface to see what is holding you back, so you can let it go. This will help you see a crystal clear vision of how you want your life to be. 

Why choose me as your coach?

"Don’t be afraid- this is a journey of self discovery where Rebekah will be facilitating the process with a non-judgmental and caring attitude" - Ana, Manchester

  • Over 18 year's experience in healthcare and wellbeing - registered mental health nurse and trained Nutritional Therapist.

  • ICF ATCP certified professional coach

  • I Provide a safe non-judgmental space to go beneath the surface and connect with your true self.
  • I use a holistic approach integrating modern coaching techniques with CBT, positive psychology, neuroscience, somatics and lifestyle medicine.
  • I will support you to dream big and trust your inner wisdom. You will learn how to tap into your intuition and create a life in alignment.

  • You will benefit from the insights I bring from being on my own transformational journey from burnout to balance.

If you are feeling the nudge to find out more book a free 15 minute connection call.


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